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South East Asia

Food Trips and Cooking Holidays in South East Asia

Southeast Asian cuisine is a symphony of many ingredients and flavors, taste buds mingle with subtle complexity and the presentation is just spectacular. Travelers visiting Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia can look forward to a great experience.

The distinctive taste of southeastern Asian cooking comes from the merging of all five of the palatable tastes; sour, salty, sweet, spicy and even bitter. With the use of many different greens and vegetables Southeast Asian cooking in itself is particularly healthy.

Their cuisines were influenced by the styles and methods of both western and northern Asia. India's influence back can been in the curry dishes and Indian spices, such as cardamom and cumin, while Chinese influences, including traditional spices like coriander and star anise, can be tasted most noticeably in Vietnamese cuisine.

European nations also colonized the regions and brought in their cuisine and ingredients, such as the chili pepper brought in by Portuguese traders.

With Southeast Asian cuisine enjoying a world-wide reputation for its unique flavours and gastronomy, there's no better way to learn about this cooking style than visiting them.



3,5 Culinary Tour
Old Town Bangkok Food Tour
Become a Thai food insider as we take you behind-the-scene to experience local flavours.
FROM: £ 25pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.
4 Hours Cooking Course
Baipai Thai Cooking School Class
Learn authentic Thai cooking by taking part in an authentic cooking class in Thailand.
FROM: £ 60.00pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.
4 Hours Culinary Tour
Hanoi Street Eats and Market Tour
Visit markets, sample traditional Vietnamese food and prepare a typical Vietnamese soup.
FROM: £ 40pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability & cost structure.
5 Hours Culinary Tour
Bangkok Chinatown and Night Markets
Discover the old and new Bangkok, stroll threw the markets and enjoy Thai street food.
FROM: £ 37.38pp

Please click tour enquiry for availability and cost structure.